Wanhao Duplicator i3 Review

Wanhao Duplicator i3 Review

wanhao i3 duplicatorThe Duplicator i3 model is one of the more affordable 3D printers available on the market today. So if your budget is a bit smaller then Wanhao Duplicator i3 from the Chinese company WANHAO is right for you.

Equipped with hotplate and MK10 printhead at a relatively low price in a very robust design, this 3D printer makes it a sticker among cheaper models on the market.

You can write in both ABS, PLA and many other filaments thanks to the popular print head.

The printer comes pre-assembled with a steel chassis, which helps incredibly to the stability.You will also find an SD card reader and LCD display with controls along with a USB port for connection.

Wanhao Duplicator Building Quality

Something that makes this 3D printer very affordable is the build quality it delivers, it produces very imponderable prints to be a 3D printer in the budget class, you can leave home or work and come back and meet with the job being done as expected.

However, to get good quality on your prints, it’s very important to carefully adjust the building platform to the right level like many other 3D printers.


The Wanhao Duplicator i3 has a very durable construction in full metal, which makes this 3D printer stand out among the cheaper machines available on the market today.

This machine is delivered in a large way fully fitted and is equipped with a heated building platform

Filament and Material Support

This 3D printer can print in both PLA and ABS but we recommend that you use the primary purpose of using PLA filament as this machine may get difficult to get up to high temperature for successful printing with ABS filament.


Programs supported for Wanhao Duplicator i3 are Repetier and also Cura, both of which are open source programs, you can also use the popular Simplify3D program, which gives you great freedom when it comes to software selection.

Connections and connectivity

When it comes to data transfer, it is possible to transfer through USB or micro SD card reader; you also have the option to upgrade to regular SD card by installing an external SD card reader.

Note that this is not a service that the manufacturer helps with, but this is something you can do on your own.


Are you new when it comes to 3D printers and should make your first purchase, this machine is not for you as there may be some problems that require some adjustments and pills before everything works properly. For those who see potential problems like fun challenges and want to get away with not spending too much money this is a very good buy.

Source: https://www.3dtechvalley.com






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