Use of Technology in Fashion

Use of Technology in Fashion in 2020: How a Whole Industry is Being Changed

Recently the use of technology has come to an increase in the fashion industry. The impact of technology is challenging to ignore, primarily due to the significant influence it has on the economy.

Technology is increasingly in use to take care of things such as data analytics and the general operation of business across the world. The fashion world is thus keen to embrace the changes in the technological world to maintain its place in the market.

Several technologies have had a significant impact on the fashion world. The techniques include the following.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things

The internet of things is the best and one of the most significant opportunities that are taking over the fashion industry. The technology lets us interact with every day things through the use of the internet. In the fashion world, interaction with the items and goodies that you have to purchase makes you feel comfortable all through. The internet makes the shopping experience excellent and enjoyable as the communication between the customer, and the retailer is better.

With open communications, you can have the best that you need. For instance, if you are shopping for Yoga pants, dresses, or even sexy nursing bras, interacting with the retailer is very important. It will be e effective to get the best information on how to use the product and the in-built features.

Through the IoT, retailers can collect information from the customers that is relevant in the improvement of the product and the service delivery. The use of technology in fashion is increasing. The increase due to the diversification of all the other aspects of the world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The fashion industry is not a stranger to the significant data effect that is sweeping most businesses world over. Many retailers are now making use of technology in fashion. The use of tech is essential to meet the demands of the technology orientation of the market.

Social media is the king of the internet in the current world. It gives customers to make and shape the trends in the fashion world. It is, however, away from the knowledge of the customers that they are the best in the provision of a significant amount of data that is essential for the prediction of the trends in the market.

Artificial Intelligence

When you compare to the manual gathering of data, Artificial Intelligence is better and less tiresome. Many retailers are making use of technology in fashion through Artificial Intelligence. The artificial intelligence is necessary for the gathering and analysis of data in various useful categories.

The best example for the AI is the Screen shop app that was the creation of Kim Kardashian. It makes use of the AI image recognition to make it easy to identify the trends in the market. With the app, the users take photos of the products they have seen and need to get a similar product and the prices — the use of technology in fashion with the Artificial intelligence tech.

Mobile Commerce

Access to the internet is readily available nowadays at whatever time. The availability of smartphones makes it very easy to access various platforms in the market. Smartphones have features such as communication apps, digital wallets, and social media apps. The apps make the world a stone throw away as every item is readily available. The apps are making it into the business world and providing a very efficient way for the marketing of products.

The connectivity era has come with the online shopping that you can achieve through the use of mobile commerce. In addition to secure online shopping, you also get the best way of payment through digital wallets. The digital wallets include Apple and Android pay. Shopping online makes shopping very enjoyable and less tiresome. The use of technology in fashion is making it easy for both the retailer and the customer.

mobile commerce

Other newer shopping features such as Instagram’s shopping feature makes shopping very easy and enjoyable. Mobile-friendly shopping makes customers enjoy mobile shopping in the comfort of their homes.

Through mobile commerce, the business enables the customers to have an easy time in discovering the products in the market.

Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR)

The first wave of transformation in the use of technology in fashion came with the advent of mobile and e-commerce technologies. The future is brighter with the virtual reality technology for the retailers.

The modern customers can browse through the products to select the best for themselves. The VR platforms that are on the rise merge the physical and the online world for the retail. A good example is the try-on avatars. If you are using marketing apps such as the DressingRoom, make use of the avatar and virtual platforms to fit their items. They have customization for the correct measure; thus, if you select your size, you are sure to be safe. Before you buy an item, you are sure that it will fit you correctly all the time.

With the platforms, the online shopping experience has had a significant shift from the norm, making customers enjoy the shopping process. The experience makes the customers stick to the particular shopping site due to the best services they receive.

augmented reality

The platforms are essential for the addition of value to the retailers and their brands. The brands can increase in value as the retailers maintain customers. The customers love the use of technology in fashion as it provides them a personalization in the experience.


Digitalization in the fashion industry has wholly had a significant influence on the operation of the market. The introduction of new technological aspects such as AI, VR, and IoT in marketing platforms has had a considerable impact on marketing trends. The personalized experience that the mobile experience while shopping makes the customers have the best products that they will not regret having it.

The changes that were beyond imagination have come to book from the use of technology in fashion. Retailers need to take the challenge and go digital as they shape their fashion market to meet the demands of the customers.






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