Increase Visitors to Your Website Using Google Shopping

Increase Visitors to Your Website Using Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a price comparison website that is unique as products that are added to this search engine will often show up in the Google search results, making it an excellent free way to get hundreds or thousands of extra visitors to your website.

A good ecommerce website must use this service to be able to compete.

Why you should use Google Shopping

It’s completely free and easy to set up, providing that your ecommerce software already has a price comparison module built in. Your products will show up in Google search results, allowing large amounts of potential customers to see the products you offer.

The mind of a potential buyer and how they will use Google Shopping

Unless a buyer already knows the exact brand and product name they want to buy, such as “Nike Air Training Shoes”, it’s very likely that they will search using phrases such as “mens red shoes size 12”. Emoji Island is a good example of website doing SEO right.

As an ecommerce website owner you want to be sure that for searches like this your product shows up. The issue is that you can’t just add in lots of keywords into a product title and description as it will be picked up by Google as spam which will mean that your product won’t show in the results.

The trick is to optimize product titles so that you reap the benefits in the Google search results but don’t get penalized.

Optimizing product titles, descriptions and other information

To ensure that your products get the exposure they deserve it’s important that they have descriptive titles and all of the relevant information to help Google decide whether your product should be shown in the results. Your product titles should contain at the very least the product brand and product name.

Add any detailed product information such as size and color for the product attributes. Google will find this in your product feed and display it in the search results.

The good ecommerce software providers have built in a way for all products on an ecommerce website to be uploaded to Google Merchant Center so that they show up in the Google listings.

Ecommerce cart software such as Magento Go has built in features to add custom product attributes to every product on your site. It’s a very powerful feature that I genuinely recommend as the best in the industry.

How to add your products to the Google Merchant Center

The Google Merchant Center help explains everything you need to do and even breaks down the instructions into different industries and product types so that you can easily target your customers.

Using ecommerce software Magento Go makes it very simple to add products to Google Shopping and you can manage all of the product data from within the Magento Go admin.

Need help setting up Magento Go and Google Shopping?  Contact me for a free consultation.

Google Merchant Center requirements for a product feed are:

Basic Product Information
This is the product title and the description as well as its category.

Availability & Price
To show whether the item is currently in stock and how much it costs.

Unique Product Identifiers
The product brand and its UPC – Unique Product Code.

Clothing Products
If you sell clothes you need to provide the colour and who it’s for, such as men’s or womens shoes.

Product Variants
Colour variations, sizes and any other variations, for example, the radio frequency of a radio controlled car or the frame size of a mountain bike.

Tax & Shipping
Whether the item is taxable and how much the shipping costs.

Nearby Stores
If you have a high street store you can include the address to advertise to local searches that your store nearby.

Additional Attributes
Anything else that may be relevant to the product.

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