Google Checkout

Google Checkout

google checkoutGoogle Checkout is the Google Ecommerce payment gateway system that allows you to take accept payment on your ecommerce website.

As well as integrating with most of the ecommerce shopping cart providers, Google Checkout can be used as a stand alone shopping cart on your website using their Store Checkout function. This is very similar to Paypal’s Buy Now Buttons.

You can see a test store that I created as a quick example here.

The Google Checkout Shopping Cart is perfect if you run a hobby website and want to sell items quickly and easily with no hassle. There’s nothing complicated to learn and all of your products are managed from one place.

A quick note before you start

Using this method is good if you want to start selling for free and want to try out selling on your website before committing to a full ecommerce shopping cart solution. If you have the time to commit to a full shopping cart then don’t delay, visit the ecommerce cart software page to view other shopping cart software options.

How to use the Google Checkout Shopping Cart on your website

There are full instructions on how to create your Google shopping cart. You just need to create a spreadsheet of your products and add it to Google Documents. Check the instructions at

All of your products are controlled directly from the spreadsheet you create and all prices and information update directly from the spreadsheet document.

Once you have uploaded the spreadsheet just connect it to the Google Ecommerce Checkout Store Gadget.

I found it very easy to create my example store, if you already have a list of products then it will probably take you under 30 minutes to get your store up and running.

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