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Choosing the Best Wireless Speakers: Bluetooth vs. AirPlay

When it comes to wireless speakers, there are two major categories in the market. It’s either a speaker falls under AirPlay or Bluetooth technology, and they come in various shapes and prices. It seems that audio companies have mass-produced these speakers. So, it’s no surprise if we can find portable models at $100 as well as massive smartphone docks which are commonly priced at $800.

Although they vary in features and sound quality, some wireless speakers are better than others.Some people have their own opinion regarding which type of speaker is better. But we all know that there are various factors to consider before we can conclude the quality and worth of a particular wireless speaker. That is what good speaker selection is all about. It’s not just about the technology it uses; you must also consider the audio hardware it has and how well it connects/pairs with other mobile devices.

What Exactly is Airplay?

Airplay is exclusively for Apple products like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac computers. It’s actually a wireless audio feature that allows users to stream their iTunes libraries. It can stream music to multiple speakers in a particular location, and it will also send information on the tracks being played. It will show all the info to the display of the speaker if that feature is supported by the device. Another essential feature of Airplay is video streaming and it’s currently being used by Apple TV for streaming photos and videos from Apple supported devices.

However, the downside of Airplay is that it only works with Apple products. You can’t stream music from Android tablets and smartphones. So before buying an Airplay speaker, you better count the number of Android devices you have. If you have more Android-based devices, then you better get a Bluetooth speaker instead. Airplay speakers are relatively more expensive than Bluetooth speakers, and they are significantly power-hungry and bulkier, which means they are not portable enough to be carried around your house.

Also, Airplay speakers are more expensive because manufacturers of these speakers paid an additional licensing fee which allows them to incorporate the technology in their product. In addition, this technology rely more on a Wi-Fi network, so an Airplay speaker is designed for indoor use. Although, there were a few models that are designed to be portable with charging bases and rechargeable batteries. But if you compare them to Bluetooth speakers, they are bulkier.

 How About Bluetooth Wireless Speakers?

bluetooth wireless speaker

Bluetooth was first established in the market, though it doesn’t have as many features as AirPlay, it does however support various mobile devices. Basically, it can simultaneously pair up two mobile devices. But it can only receive a stream from a single device at a time. The bright side of Bluetooth speakers is the fact that it can work to any type of device available, so long as they are also Bluetooth-enabled. So, even iPod, iPad and iPhones will work with any these wireless speakers.

Compared to AirPlay speakers, it is more affordable and most Bluetooth wireless speakers have built-in rechargeable batteries – making them more portable and easier to carry around. You can stack them up with other items on your bag, so they are simply the best companions to have when you’re on the go.

Which Sounds Better –AirPlay or Bluetooth?

Several audio enthusiasts claimed that AirPlay is better because it uses Wi-Fi, and it doesn’t compress the audio files. In my opinion, it will still depend on the quality of the hardware that was installed on a particular brand or model. Some top-end Bluetooth wireless speakers can deliver great audio performance. So, no matter how small they are – they can still pump enough volume to cover a significant area in your house.


If you want a more affordable wireless speaker system that can pair easily with any type of mobile device, then you can settle for a Bluetooth speaker. But when you have the money and most of your mobile gadgets are Apple products – then it would be more advisable to get an AirPlay speaker.





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